Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Need a little Sun...

Dear Winter,
    Please go away! I’m getting awfully sick of this cold weather, and I need some vitamin D in my life… plus a little extra tan would also be greatly appreciated! I am ready for sundresses, and margaritas on the patio, and flip flops, and bathing suits… wait, scratch that! I might need you to stick around a little longer, Winter. I’m not ready for the bathing suit part. In fact, can we just rewind back to New Year’s again so I’ll have a little more time to play catch up?

Guess I need to get back in the swing of working out… or just wear one of those cover up things… hmmm…

Decisions, decisions. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The time has come, my little friends... to talk of other things...

Like New Year's Resolutions!!!

I'm not usually one for making resolutions, because I already know that I'm not going to keep them... at least not after the first couple of months into the year. But this year is different. I don't have a wedding to plan anymore for one, and it feel like it might be time to make a few small changes... just little tiny eency weency ones at least.

1. I need to shed a few lbs. I have realized that weight is not your friend as you grow older. I don't ever recall having to fight so hard to keep those pesky little pounds off of my hips, and thighs, and stomach... and well... everywhere!!! Okay, okay, I will admit that I probably have allowed a few of them to creep up with all of my post-wedding dress, holiday eating habits.. but weight beware! I will get rid of you!!!

2. I want to really focus this year on the future. I feel like I have allowed myself to fall into this rut where I'm not sure what I want to be or what I want to do anymore. I feel like I'm just living life one day at a time with no plan or purpose. I want to change that. I want to make some goals for myself and work really hard at reaching them. I want to live my life with the confidence that I'm right in the center of God's will. :)

3. I want for Kyle and I to try to save some $$. You never know when you are going to need a few extra dollars, and I want to feel confident that it is there when we need it. You know, in case of emergencies... like when I see a pair of shoes that I HAVE TO OWN!!! (just kidding)

4. I'm going to focus a lot on my relationship with God. Don't get me wrong, I love Him with all that I am, but I feel like there are always areas of improvement in relationships and I want to make sure that I am the woman, wife, sister, daughter, and friend that He wants me to be. I want Him to be my priority.

5. I want to be more organized. Our house is still all-a-clutter with mess that we still haven't organized from the move. We seem to have randomly placed a few items that we never remembered to find a place for. Now I know that our house isn't going to look like something straight out of Better Homes, but you know...every little bit helps!

6. I want to loosen up a bit on life. I just want to love as many people as I can, smile all the time, and go to bed every night a happily married child of God.

Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All I got for Christmas...

This was the first Christopher Christmas for us as husband and wife in our new house. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to start celebrating first thing that morning! I got up before Kyle, put the coffee on and had the sausage wheels in the oven before Kyle even woke up... then I proceeded to run and jump on the bed singing and dancing, doing what I could to get Mr. Christopher to wake up and come open presents with me. I sang him my personal favorites, including: "Christmas Time is Here," "Wake Up," and "Rise and Shine."
Needless to say, he wasn't quite as excited as me, but he got up anyway... (after about the fourth full song and my dances really started getting creative).

So, once he f-i-n-a-l-l-y got up and we opened our presents, we went to my parents' house to open, then to my dad's parents', and then home to take a cat nap, and lastly, to my mom's parents' house. It was a FULL day, and  I ate a whole TON...er...  I mean... I had an allergic reaction to something and my body has swollen up... :)

So here are a few of my favorite items that I got.

First, from Kyle/Santa:
9251365 Front Large

and ipod docking station

and some money

and then from my parents/Santa:

navy Hunter boots (that I LOVE)

Moonlight Magic Bath and Body Works

The Eclipse Movie


and a few other things...

We also got a few of these

and a little more of this:

All in all, it was a great Christmas, and I really enjoyed it! Now if I can just get rid of this pesky little sinus infection, I will be doing really great! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time is Here.... Snow is in Your Hair....

I never really did learn the correct words to that song, but I still sing it as loud and obnoxiously as possible to Kyle beginning every November and ending somewhere mid-March. :) He doesn't like to admit that he loves it, but I know that it gets him every time.

We went on Saturday to get everyone's Christmas presents and I am proud to say, "Mission accomplished!" Now I just have to get a few little things for Kyle to open on Christmas morning and I'll be all finished.He asked me not to get him anything this year, but I can't help it if Santa told me to do it, right?

I'm really excited to spend our first Christmas together as husband and wife! We actually spent last Christmas together, (because Kyle proposed on Christmas Eve), but this year will be different. For starters, I won't be in shock the whole day and answering everyone's questions about wedding plans! Whew! That sounds quite lovely!

I'm thinking I'll probably take one night this week and do the usual baking tradition with Mom while we watch Rudolph, and Frosty, and then by the time Christmas actually gets here on Saturday, I'll be so fat that I have to wear spandex and maybe see if I can tell everyone that I had an allergic reaction to something, hence the swelling. ;)

I've been thinking that I would like to start a new tradition with Kyle for Christmas mornings. At my parents' house, my brother would always be the first one up at the butt crack of dawn and force everyone out of their beds to start opening gifts, but now that I live with Kyle, I want to start something new with him. Maybe I'll get up early and make breakfast? Maybe make some kind of delicious zillion calorie recipe and eat it first thing? I'll have to think of something..

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Remember the reason for the season and give an extra squeeze to your loved ones!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Warning... I'm a bit emotional!

In the midst of all my morning rituals, business, etc... this particular morning, I happened across a very disturbing email that was sent to me. See, I had been planning this big Thanksgiving feast for my team at work an we were scheduled to do that today so I had a lot of loose ends that needed tying before 12:00 pm. I was trying to make sure that the ham was picked up on time and that everyone had brought their covered dish, and that we had enough plates, napkins, and silverware for everyone... so when I sat down and read this email, it completely stopped everything for me... right in it's track. 

One of the employees that I have had the pleasure of knowing in my time with Paetec, passed away Sunday night in a plane crash. He was heading to Nebraska for a hunting trip and the plane went down. I'm not exactly sure of what caused the crash but I know as I read that email, right there in that instant, I was completely devastated. I'm not going to say that I knew him well or even that we were "close" as some tend to say about people that have passed, but I did know him well enough to know that he had a family he loved that he would be leaving behind, and that no one should have to endure an end such as that. I really hope that he was a Christian.

Death is a funny thing, you know. You don't really ever know when it is coming, and when it does, everything changes. I can't stop thinking about this poor man's family so close to the holidays.. and as I started my morning flustering around trying to get things done for our Thanksgiving meal, I never once stopped to think of how thankful I was to be with the people around me... at least not until I read that email. As a daughter, and now a wife, it absolutely kills me to think of what his loved ones are going through at the moment. Every time that it comes to mind, my eyes just well up and my heart aches... and if you know me, you should KNOW that I'm not a crier. 

With all of this in mind, I will say that the thing I am most thankful for this year is my family. I want to let them know how much I love them and appreciate them. I want to be thankful for the time that I have to spend with them and I want to make the most of it. This year I'm not going to let myself get caught up in the planning and labor of the holidays, but I'm going to stop and take time to appreciate the people that I'm with and time that I'm able to spend with them. 

I hope that you will do the same. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I want casserole friends!

I'm sure you might have just raised an eyebrow or two reading the headline of this post, but it is 100% truth. I'll do my best to explain...

If I am sick, or if there is a tragedy, or some kind of crisis going on in my life, I don't want my friends to stalk my facebook page to figure out what's going on, or discuss my life happenings with others. I want them to call me up, tell me they love me, and bring me a casserole! Few girls have that luxury.

However, I have really been blessed in that department. On my wedding day, I looked around the room at my bridesmaids and I thought to myself for a moment... there wasn't one girl in the room that I did not consider to be a true friend. I know that they all love me and I love them, and I have no doubts that if the time ever came, my house would be just full of casseroles! I would also be sending them just the same!

When I was a little girl my grandpa told me, "one day you'll see that you can count your true friends on one hand." I thought he was plum-crazy! I considered everybody my friend! I had two best friends that I knew for sure would be my best friends forever. However, my grandpa was right... for the most part. I rarely even speak to my two best friends anymore... and when I do, its more like running into an old acquaintance in the grocery store.

I always try to be a good friend. Now, I'm not claiming to be any kind of superhero friend, but I do the best that I can. I want to be there for the ones I love, as I know that they would be there for me. As I've gotten older, I've really learned who my casserole friends are... and unfortunately I've also run across a few fair weather ones as well. As I continue to grow, I want to make as much time as I can for my casserole friends.

It isn't always going to be sunny, so I want to know who will pull on their stylish rainboots and weather the storms of life with me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I guess that's just what old married couples do...

Isn't it funny how when we were growing up, we would say "I will never," or "I will not," or "I don't want..."
You know what I mean... like, "I will never have a desk job!" or "I will not be a home body" or even "I don't want to have to pay bills!" I'm pretty sure I've said all of those things... but I guess that's just what grown ups do!

We can't all be rock stars... and when I get home from work during the week, the last thing I want to do is leave! ... and if I don't pay the bills, I won't have power... or water... or heat! This is not the dream that I was hoping for when I was younger, but I'm settling into it.

If you haven't noticed that your desires change as you get older, you might want to check your brain. When I was younger, all I wanted to wear were pink sparkly ballgowns and tiaras, while waving my magical wand around, granting every wish that came to mind. I guess that's just what kids do! Not a care in the world and using our imagination to dream up the most impossible things! Now... while I still think that would be super cool... I doubt that anyone would consider me sane if I were to go walking around like that now. Don't you agree?

Moving on.

When I was younger, I imagined marriage to be the most magical thing of all. I considered it to be wildly romantic, expecting my husband to cater to my every whim. I just knew that monetary things wouldn't matter because we would be rich anyway and we could go on vacations to anywhere, whenever we wanted. As long as we were together, nothing else would matter, right?

So now I'm married. I have to plan my vacations around my work schedule... and even then, we can't really afford to go anywhere spectacular! Our evenings usually consist of fast food meals and pre-recorded television shows. Our big night out has become Outback Steakhouse one night a week, and that is a stretch in the budget too!

Yet I still consider myself to be the luckiest girl I know. While my husband is far from being "wildly romantic," I know that he loves me more than anything. He takes care of me when I don't feel very good, and he's always looking out for my best interest. He tries to give me everything that my little heart desires, and he makes it a point to show me that he loves me at least once a day. He kisses me before he tells me goodnight, and he even takes Chloe out in the wee hours of the morning to go potty so that she doesn't wake me.
We look forward to our Wednesday date nights and our most favorite thing is to have a glass of wine and snuggle together on the couch. He helps with the dishes and he even takes out the trash!

Now I know this scenario is much different from the one that I imagined, but it seems to suit me just fine. I'm happier than I could have ever imagined.

So we might just so happen to be two people that have to work, pay bills, and thoroughly enjoy staying at home... but I guess that's just what old married couples do.